• 2024Q2
    Market Outlook
  • 2024Q2
    Market Outlook
  • Diversify in Asia
  • Gear Up for Rate Shift
  • USD Weakness Persists
  • ESG Investing
  • 2024 Market Outlook
    Fundamentals Progress
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  • BEA Union Investment
    Asian Strategic Bond Fund ("ASB")
  • BEA Union Investment
    Asian Bond and Currency Fund ("ABC")
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2024 Q1 Market Outlook

Capital market remains challenging but also promising in 2024

  • Liquidity conditions are expected to improve, benefiting capital market performance
  • China's economy environment and Japan's monetary policy will remain in focus
  • Indonesia and India have structural growth potentials

What's New
  • 18 Mar 2024
    BU China Gateway Fund (“CGF”)
    Favour Chinese Investment Grade bonds; Chinese SOEs, value stocks, and Taiwanese tech shares preferred
  • 18 Mar 2024
    BU Asia Impact Bond Fund
    Favour impact bonds issued by major South Korean and Japanese banks, Chinese TMT
  • 20 Feb 2024
    BEA Union Investment
    Asian Strategic Bond Fund (“ASB”)
    Risk on sentiment to support Asian Investment-Grade bonds; See opportunities in China, Indonesia & India
  • 20 Feb 2024
    BEA Union Investment
    Asia Pacific Multi Income Fund (“APM”)
    Favour tech, material and energy shares; Asian Investment Grade Bonds spreads likely to remain tight
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